Torrents – Grab the best site for downloading

Torrent websites are an alternative for the people to download any file of their choice which can either be a game, video or audio, or books, apart from several multimedia contents that would not be available elsewhere in the internet for them to get benefitted from. Another advantage of downloading through this platform is that, unlike normal downloads which would require a person to start the download from the beginning once they are interrupted, this platform can help them to actually resume their files from the place where they actually left it previously. This ensures that they can interrupt the files as per their wish, while also making sure that the data and time for the downloader is not wasted due to any form of interruption. While there were several sites that helped a person to download such torrent files, people can find fewer sites due to various issues including the copyright policies that are much common these days?

How it helps

People can find that such sites can actually help them as they can find several upload of a same file by downloading the file of their choice. This can also help them to download as per their wish, which can vary from person to person who can have several criteria when they would want to download such files. While some might prefer the quality of the files, others would prefer the file size, while different others would actually prefer the downloading time that would take for them to complete the downloads while different others would prefer several other factors before they download the file of their choice. People can also upload and download their files of any size which can also be extremely huge easily through such torrent sites.

How it works

Though there are several torrent sites, the working principle of all the sites are almost the same. An up loader who wishes to add such a file to a site must first have the file that they want to upload with them till they remove the torrent. Once they have the file, they can use a torrent client that is actually simple and efficient software for them to create a torrent file or even help others to download them. They can simply choose to create a new torrent file for the actual media content or even books and games and upload them to such sites. Though it can be free for people to make use of, they must first register in such sites to do the upload in such sites. Even the downloads are free for the people though they can also contribute for such sites for their services or even make use of the paid member facility. Though any person can download the files as long as they have the torrent client to help them download the torrent movies, the paid members can get various benefits such as downloading even when the seeds and leeches in such sites are low or null.


Any torrent file would mainly depend on the health, seeds and leeches and hence people must ensure that they check for them before they download such files. The health in-turn depends on the seeds and leeches, where the seeds means people who have completed downloading the file and help other people to choose them as the source for quicker downloads whereas the leeches means other people who are downloading the same file in parallel apart from them.